Vodafone Smart Ultra 6

A few days ago Facebook update its application and the messenger application to the versions 88.0022.76 for facebook and When these apks installed in the smartphone, application cannot work correctly and when someone loads them see the message facebook stopped working, messenger stopped working.

The only solution for this time is to uninstall these versions of messenger and facebook from application manager and to install the previous versions of facebook and messenger

you can download the previous version from the following links

facebook (click to download)

messenger (click to download)

Follow the instructions:

  • Download the above files
  • Extract the files to your desktop and you ll find 2 apk (messenger and facebook)
  • Uninstall facebook apk and messenger apk from setting device application manager.
  • Go to settings and find unknown devices and activate it
  • Connect with micro usb the smartphone with pc or laptop and send the facebook apk and messenger apk to the directory downloads of your smartphone device
  • Open your file manager of your smartphone and go to download folder
  • Install the 2 apks facebook and messenger
  • Go to settings and find unknown devices and deactivate it



Let us know if worked by leaving a comment :)