1st method

  • Press Home -> Menu -> Settings -> Privacy¬†-> Factory data reset
  • Read the disclaimer and tap Reset Phone
  • If required, draw your pattern or insert your phone lock code to confirm the reset process


2nd method

  • Type *2767*3855# on phone
  • Wait and all data will be erased


3rd method

  • Power off the handset
  • Hold Volume Down + Camera Button + Power Key until the system recovery screen appears
  • Use the volume keys to scroll to “wipe data/factory reset”
  • Press the home button to select
  • Device will display yellow text with a warning of the reset that will take place. Press the up key to continue or press the down key to cancel
  • After the wipe use the home button and select reboot system now.
  • The phone will reboot and it is ready
Samsung Epic 4G D700 Hard Reset
Samsung Epic 4G D700 Hard Reset

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