1st method

You can use this method in case you have forgot the password for Apple ID and you have access to your email. Click here to go to My Apple ID page and click on Manage your Apple ID, click on forgot password and write your Apple ID – Email address and click next. An email will be sent to you follow the instructions in order to reset your Apple ID password (If you don’t receive the email check the spam folder)


2nd method

You can use this method in case you have forgot the password for Apple ID and your Apple ID too. Find my iphone will show you a sample of your Apple ID in order to determine what is your apple ( in case this not help you just open the iTunes you synchronize with and check your Apple ID in the left up corner, now you can use 1st method to find your password


3rd method

You use this method in case you don’t have access to your email anymore or you don’t remember your Apple ID and you can not find it without the previous methods. You must call Apple customer care and tell them that you don’t have nothing of your details for Apple ID. They will tell you to send a photo with your iDevice Box showing IMEI number including the receipt from the shop you bought it including the IMEI number as well. After a couple of days they will remove Find My iPhone activation lock from your phone


4th method

You can use this method only if you can not use all other methods! Unfortunately this method will make your iPhone 4 work only as an iPod with no Signal and works only on GSM iPhone 4 16GB & 32GB

You will need the following Software:

  1. iReb
  2. iTunes v10 32bit or iTunes v10 64bit
  3. jre-7-windows-i586
  4. SSH Over USB
  5. WinSCP

Follow the procedure:

  • Uninstall newest iTunes version and install iTunes v10
  • Install JRE-7-windows-i586
  • Run SSH Over USB and put iPhone 4 in DFU Mode
  • Open WinSCP
  • Choose file protocol SFTP, Host Name: localhost, Port Number: 2022, Username: root, Password: alpine, click Login
  • Click CTRL+T
  • And run the command:
  • Close the command window
  • Go to mnt1/Application and erase folder

After that reboot the iPhone and will stuck on Recovery loop. Connect it to PC run iReb and on Recovery Mode Loop Fixer / SHSH Blobs Grabber tab click on Set Auto-Boot True

Finally you can work your iPhone 4 as an iPod


Let us know if worked by leaving a comment :)